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How the leg compression sleeves are designed to work in your favor

This short informational article is for those of you who are short to long-distance road runners. It does not matter whether you are a casual jogger, just puffing along every other day to keep fit or a serious marathoner entering at least two to three different major events every year to build on your already illustrious medal collection, the rules of the road are still very much the same. For instance, if you are running in the evening after work, you should always wear brightly colored clothing to keep yourselves visible in the fading light.

Ideally, you will be wearing a reflective vest. It’s for your own safety and that of others using the road. The rules for wearing leg compression sleeves where running is concerned are the same as well. You will also find tennis or squash players wearing similarly-designed slips over their elbow areas. This is designed to keep their muscles and joints warm, keep blood circulation normal and help prevent the famous tennis elbow.

leg compression sleeves

If you are new to this essential piece of running apparatus, know that thousands of runners are already using the compression sleeves. If they feel comfortable wearing them, you will too. The sleeves do not restrict movement. One product warning simply says that while the sleeve does work, it does not guarantee the complete elimination of injury. This depends entirely on how the athlete trains and how he or she looks after him or herself off of the road.

That the compression sleeves do reduce the risk of injury is never in doubt. The sleeves also help cushion the additional jarring that occurs when leg muscles, knees and feet continuously pound concrete in rapid motion. Compression technology is designed to reduce the vibrational sensations felt from these rapid movements.

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